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For some, it’s a safe home or food on the table. For others, it’s a healthy child, good job, or financial stability. Families and individuals facing difficult challenges turn to A New Leaf for support.

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Sexual and Domestic Violence Services

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Housing and Shelter Services

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Health and Wellness Services

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Financial Empowerment Services

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Educational Services

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Family Support Services

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Foster Care Services

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sexual & domestic

violence services

A New Leaf offers a variety of programs that provide victims of sexual and domestic violence with safety, housing, and basic needs, as well as court advocacy. These programs also offer support services that include case management, financial coaching, and children’s services.

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Domestic Violence Hotline
A New Leaf operates the Maricopa County Domestic Violence hotline. To access A New Leaf’s 24-hour Crisis Hotline, call (480) 890-3039 or 1-844-SAFEDVS.

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Emergency Shelter
A New Leaf offers safe temporary housing and support for victims and their children. Shelters provide up to 120 days of emergency shelter and resources needed to move toward safe, stable housing.

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Court Advocacy
A New Leaf provides survivors of domestic violence with support services and court advocacy. This includes filing for protective orders, referrals, and safety planning.

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Sexual Violence Support Services
A New Leaf offers services specifically for teens and adults who have experienced sexual violence outside the context of an intimate relationship. Services include advocacy, support groups, resource referral, and education.

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housing & shelter

A New Leaf addresses the Valley’s need for homeless shelters, affordable housing, basic needs, and comprehensive services to support individuals and families experiencing homelessness become self-reliant and find safe, stable housing.

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Homeless Shelters
A New Leaf offers emergency shelter and basic needs for families and individuals to stay up to 120 days.

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Rapid ReHousing
A New Leaf helps households transition from homelessness or shelter to an apartment or home.

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Long-Term Housing Solutions
A New Leaf offers affordable housing and permanent supportive housing to those in need of a permanent home.

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health & wellness

A New Leaf offers a variety of physical and behavioral health services for families and individuals in need of support, from inpatient care to community behavioral health services.

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Counseling and Primary Care
A New Leaf offers behavioral health and primary care services for children and adults. This includes counseling, case management, medication management, and support services.

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Therapeutic After School Programs
At A New Leaf’s Therapeutic After School Programs, children engage in games, group discussions, mind and body exercises, and arts and crafts to promote progress toward identified behavioral health goals.

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Behavioral Health Programs
A New Leaf offers a variety of programs to address behavioral health challenges among children, youth, and adults.

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financial empowerment

A New Leaf’s Financial Empowerment services help households find financial stability, get ahead in the workforce, and even start a business and pursue their dreams. We imagine a community in which households are able to thrive independently. With programs ranging from emergency financial assistance to entrepreneurial programs, A New Leaf is here to guide our community along every step on the journey to financial freedom.

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Immediate Financial Assistance
A New Leaf provides rental and utility assistance to households in crisis, helping them avoid homelessness.

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Employment Support
A New Leaf helps all job seekers secure employment, create a plan for more stable employment, or move up in the workplace.

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Entrepreneurship Resources
A New Leaf helps aspiring business owners start, grow, and develop their business.

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educational services

A New Leaf’s Educational Services works to provide children and adults with all the resources they need to further their education. With programming that includes early childhood education, after school programs, and college support programs, A New Leaf can help no matter where a person is on their educational journey.

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Early Childhood Education
Our programming focuses on each child’s unique characteristics, developmental needs, and interests to support their growth and development.

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After School Programs
Through multiple after-school programs A New Leaf offers children and youth a chance to learn healthy behaviors and catch up in school.

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Adult Educational Opportunities
Through a variety of programs, we help adults achieve their educational goals, providing them with the professional and technical skills they need to move up in the workplace.

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family support

A New Leaf’s Family Support Services improve household stability and help families create better relationships between adults and children. Comprehensive programs support families in their journey toward healing and stability, helping them to build positive family dynamics and relationships.

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Immediate Crisis Intervention
A New Leaf offers family support programs that help families on the verge of a crisis, working to help them find stability.

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Ongoing Case Management
A New Leaf offers families ongoing counseling and support to build healthy family dynamics and a stable household.

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Trauma Recovery
A New Leaf helps families with serious dysfunction or separation to heal and reunite after a crisis.

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foster care

A New Leaf’s Foster Care Programs focus on training and licensing potential foster parents to provide children the opportunity to live in a nurturing and stable environment. A variety of support services are offered, including monthly reimbursements, medical and dental coverage, and ongoing training.

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Foster Care Licensing
A New Leaf recruits and trains individuals interested in becoming licensed foster parents and/or respite providers.

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Kinship Licensing
A New Leaf’s Kinship Licensing Program helps families get licensed in order to obtain additional support and resources.

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Therapeutic Foster Care
Therapeutic foster homes provide care to children who have a higher level of behavioral health needs.

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Transitional Foster Care
Serves migrant children coming from Central or South America and helps them transition into their lives in the U.S.