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You Empowered Keith To Overcome Tragedy And Build A New Future!

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Keith had just turned 60 when his life was turned upside down. His brother had just been diagnosed with a terminal disease and needed constant care. Unfortunately, Keith was also let go from his job in the same week. Suddenly he had to provide for his brother, and now had no income to make that happen. 

After two months of looking for work, Keith started to worry. He wouldn’t be able to keep up with his brother’s medical needs and also pay rent in the next month unless he found work. But he knew he couldn’t just take a minimum wage job, he needed something long-term with good benefits. He needed a career.

When Keith had to care for his terminally ill brother, he needed a new job. Thanks to supporters like you, he found help at A New Leaf’s BankWork$ Program!

“It was beyond stressful – I thought we were going to end up homeless if something didn’t change. Right around that time, I found A New Leaf’s BankWork$ program. As soon as I read through the description, I thought ‘this is what I’ve been looking for!’ I applied that night and bam, I was enrolled.” 

Keith had enrolled in BankWork$, an entirely free, eight week training program that would prepare him for a career in the financial services industry. He would also get help with keeping his bills paid through a small stipend, and access to other services offered by A New Leaf.

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“I was ready to find a desk job that would pay the bills and help me support my brother. I don’t look like it, but I’m getting older and I just can’t do service jobs anymore – they’re too hard on my body. Whatever I had to do to make this class work, I was going to do it.”

To pay his bills through the next two months, Keith sold his car and ended up taking the bus to class every day. It was challenging, but he never missed a single class during the entire eight week program. A short time later, Keith found himself graduating at the top of his class. 

Keith is now working a good and stable job that helps him pay the bills. His life has been forever changed!

“I took a lot of risks to do this class. I sold my car. I waited 2 months without a paycheck to do the program. My brother was counting on me. But it all paid off. After graduation, I was almost immediately offered a job at Bank of America for nearly $23 an hour.” 

Keith has kept his job for over six months now and has even received a promotion. He has found true financial stability, allowing him to care for his brother. Thanks to his dedication and commitment to the BankWork$ program, Keith has proven that anyone can find a new career, even at the age of 60. 

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What is the BankWork$ Program? How did it help Keith find work?

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BankWork$ helped Keith secure a good, stable job in the financial services industry. He received all training, education, and networking assistance free-of-charge! 

BankWork$ is an entirely free program that prepares participants for a meaningful career in the financial services sector. All classes are offered for free through scholarships generously sponsored by program partners. This eight-week, intensive jobs-training program covers essential skills needed to succeed in the financial services industry, including: business etiquette, banking regulations, handling cash, and preparing for the interview. 

Participants in this program are able to secure stable employment, better pay, and advancement opportunities. This helps households better provide for themselves, their families, and gives them a chance to get ahead. Conducted in partnership with Arizona’s top employers in the financial industry, A New Leaf connects graduates from the program to the institutions and job opportunities they need, providing a bridge from career training to employment.

BankWork$ classes are offered throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. Classes are conducted through a hybrid mix of virtual and in-person classes. Enroll today and start on your new career path, filled with better pay, advancement opportunities, and long-term stability. Consider enrolling today!

See more about the BankWork$ Program by watching this video!

Most community members  are eligible for the free BankWork$ Program, and we encourage you to apply! Please click the buttons below to apply or view the fact sheet for the program. To contact staff, please call (602) 601-7218, or email staff at


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